A Late In Memoriam

If you have poked around these parts at all you’ve probably stumbled upon some earlier posts I
did on Shirley Temple movies. I instantly think of my father. If I suggest watching a Shirley
Temple movie he makes a gag face. It’s a given and I deal with it. But the thing about her
movies is this: I can just relax while I’m watching. I know Shirley will always get out of trouble.
She will always draw people closer together. She will sing and dance and those songs will be
stuck in my head for days as I drive the people around me crazy. They are simple and clean
and timeless.
So this is my memorial post to Shirley Temple Black. I know I’m 2 months late. But sometimes
you need a bit of time when it feels like a friend of the family has passed on. Her movies have
been a part of my classic film library for over 20 years. I feel that with her passing another piece
of innocence is lost, at least in the film industry. We may never have those pure and simple
family films again. But I’m so glad that her films have been preserved for future generations.
I’m glad that I’ve shared them with my niece, who also likes them. And even my dad. Because,
let’s be honest, he’s around females all of the time and we kind of run the show. So Shirley gets
popped into the DVD player regardless of the gag face. He’ll lean back in his chair and by the
end of the movie will say, “You know, that’s a really good movie.”
Yes dad. They’re really good movies.

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One thought on “A Late In Memoriam

  1. Hi Rebecca, I love Shirley and agree her movies and her sweetness are really good stuff. You have been on my heart and mind since I saw your tweet about the Tornado warning while watching inRL videos. Pray you and your family are safe. Bless you sister.

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